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U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking

Sister Estrella Castalone, a Salesian sister from Rome, director of Talitha Kum, gave a presentation to the core group of USCSAHT in early October, 2014. This is a link to that presentation.

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Human Trafficking and Major Sporting Events Traffickers are opportunistic hunters, and they see major sporting events and the hundreds of thousands of people who flock to sports venues as an opportunity for huge profits with very little risk of penalty or punishment. Human trafficking is a business, and traffickers will take advantag of what they precieve to be good business opportunities– including national and international sporting events… Read more

Reducing the Demand for Human Trafficking  Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons (TIP), is a modern-day form of slavery. It is a crime under state, federal, and international law. It is currently the second largest type of criminal activity, exceeded only by the illegal drug trade… Read more

Human Trafficking and Pornography  Pornography creates a climate in which violence and exploitation of women and children is both tolerated and tacitly encouraged. Taking on pornography means challenging the culture’s libertarian attitude about sex, which basically says anything goes between consenting adults, and those who don’t like pornography can change the channel. Lies about pornography must be dispelled… Read more

Human Trafficking and Poverty  Poverty is one of several factors that make individuals vulnerable to trafficking. While trafficking victims come from a range of backgrounds, including from economically privileged families, trafficking is linked inextricably with people with a lack of resources, notably job opportunities… Read more

Human Trafficking and the Objectification of Women  In her paper, Objectification of Women, Phyllis B. Frank says: “A definition of objectification might be: portrayals of women in ways and contexts which suggest that women are objects to be looked at, ogled, even touched, or used, anonymous things or commodities perhaps to be purchased, perhaps taken – and once tired of, even discarded… Read more

What is Social Analysis?  How does one make an impact, locally and globally, in life-affirming and life-enhancing ways for these millions of children? One way is to engage in a four-step social analysis process, that links faith with action, and then to follow where your heart leads you… Read more

Survivor Support Group – building a support network of partners willing to offer educational opportunities to women who have come from situations of enslavement and exploitation.  Such a survivors of human trafficking often does not have education beyond GED.  Partnerships would help her begin higher education and/or job-training courses that would lead to self-reliance.  We are inviting our congregations, associates, colleagues, and business partners to help us create routes to freedom by offering education and employment opportunities.  Read more