"A sister site of U. S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking-collaborating to combat human trafficking"


Beaver County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition –http://bcantihumantraffickingcoalition.weebly.com/
kbussen@stjoseph-baden.org  724-869-2151

Franciscan Evangelical Life Servicesc
bkane@osfphila.org  610-558-7716

PATH to Justice Committee
srmariak@yahoo.com  412 931-4775  x2260

Dawn’s Place – a residential program for women who have been trafficked, prostituted and pimped for commercial sexual exploitation.   Founded in 2007, Dawn’s Place came about through the initiative of the Catholic Coalition for Peace and Justice.  The Coalition is open to and composed of representatives from various religious congregations of men and women in the Philadelphia and E. PA area.  Ten congregations provide active support to Dawn’s Place and many others provide financial and other assistance.
sismilo@hotmail.com     215-849-2396

Philadelphia Anti-trafficking coalition – is comprised of many groups; e.g. Salvation Army, Covenant House, etc. and has individual sisters as members, representing agencies they are connected to such as Dawn’s Place and the Center for the Empowerment of Women. 

terryshields741@gmail.com 610-520-1974

Northwest Pennsylvania Anti-Trafficking Coalition – educates the larger community about labor and sex trafficking and eventually plans to also focus on the prosecution of anyone who exploits women and children for their personal and financial gain.