"A sister site of U. S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking-collaborating to combat human trafficking"


Collaborative Initiative to End Human Trafficking
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Research: Feasibility Study Regarding Housing and Services in Northern Ohio for Victims of Sex Trafficking
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STOP is a group of Sisters, associates, and colleagues in the Toledo diocese who educate and advocate on behalf of human trafficking.  They collaborate with Dr. Celia Williamson of the University of Toledo and the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition.

RENEE JONES EMPOWERMENT CENTER –serves people of all diversities, faiths and ages in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area by offering programs that benefit the entire community.  The Center is committed to addressing the issue of  human trafficking by offering informational  presentations and annual conferences, cooperating with local law enforcement on behalf of women and girls who are targeted, advocating for victims in court, and coordinating with other social service agencies.  The “Red Cord Project” focuses on outreach and on meeting the long-term effects of human trafficking through life coaching, and by managing individualized care such as group therapy and counseling, food and safe housing, mentoring, education, and medical needs.  The staff supports those whose courage and opportunity have allowed them to break free from the human trafficking system.

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Sisters in Shelter (SIS)– provides education and awareness about human trafficking to first responders and the general public; provides critical first needs for women survivors of human trafficking, emergency safe housing, medical care, safety planning and legal advocacy.  Sisters in Shelter will also provide and/or partner with organizations to have transitional housing to aid in the long term recovery of these survivors.

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Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition (CORRC)

Meets to discuss updates of rescues, legislation, and reports of all disciplines involved.  Members of Attorney General’s office, Criminal Justice, S.O.A.P., Catch Court and Salvation Army, and others are present.

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