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Educational Materials

Here are some Michigan resources:

Kent County Human Trafficking Task Force   http://stopthetraffic.org/

Women at Risk   http://warinternatinal.org          616-835-0796   (toll free: 877 363 7528)
Manasseh Project   http://www.manassehproject.org/
Red Cord Community    http://redcordcommunity.org/
Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force    htp://cj.msu.edu/programs/human-trafficking/  State wide coalition with regional      coalitions: Membership on one or both – Grand Rapids OPs, Adrian OPs, Congregation of St. Joseph,  Monroe IHM
Voice of Change   http://mhttf.blogspot.com/          Blogs by members of state task force

MAP’S list of Michigan agencies/resources     http://www.michiganabolitionistproject.org/michigan-organizations/
SouthWest MI HTTF  http://www.facebook.com/SW-Michigan-Human-Trafficking-Task-Force275163725950444/

Contact: Mary Brigid Clingman OP    616-514-3111 (office)  616-295-2463  (cell) mbclingman@grdominicans.org

Code of Conduct Cards
859-262-5668 jmorris@oppeace.org

Material for presentations to wide variety of audiences (high school, university, civic groups, health care and social work professionals, law enforcement)
440-356-2254 www.Collaborative_initiative.org
845-359-8893 opscc2012@gmail.com
920-907-2315  sabrickner@csasisters.org
585-641-8180 ptierney@ssjrochester.org

Materials from Health & Human Services and dvds on Human Trafficking
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, KY
502-348-1557 jvenneman@scnazarethky.org

Established 11 resource centers across northern Ohio; have books, dvds, articles that
440-356-2254 avictory@hmministry.org

Resource materials used in health care facilities and clinics in CCVI system.
713-928-6053 mbulmer@ccvi-vdm.org

Human Trafficking materials prepared by JPIC UISG/USG (Rome), Network for Peace through Dialogue, Parish Resource Packet on H.T.
323-887-8821or cathyminhoto@gmail.com

Toolkit re trafficking

See UNANIMA  website Click STOP THE DEMAND and it will take you to “Campaign Resources” which includes educational material and some theological reflections.


Train the Trainers – educate civil community through workshops about trafficking

kennyosf@aol.com      507-451-8499

Stop Trafficking’ monthly e-newsletter             http://www.stopenslavement.org/

                                  Editor: Jean Schafer, SDS               jeansds@stopenslavement.org