"A sister site of U. S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking-collaborating to combat human trafficking"

Corporate Advocacy

Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility – Resolutions filed with 5 corporations on following issues: Code for Protecting Children and Human Trafficking.
713-928-6053  CCVI – Houston, TX  

Code of Conduct Cards to leave with Hotel Managers, airlines, etc.
859-262-5668 or jmorris@oppeace.org

Contact with hotel managers, mall security, and Los Angeles police
310-838-0654  kbryt@aol.com

Work with Tri-state coalition for Responsible Investment and Interstate Center for Corporate Responsibility.  Raise awareness with owner/operators of hotels and sports venues, calling for responsible policies for employees and guests.
845-359-5600 x150    opscc2012@gmail.com

Southern CA Partners for Global Justice (SCPGJ) – writing campaigns urging hotel chains to create training programs for staffs to identify possible trafficking situations.
323-887-8821  cathyminhoto@gmail.com

Work with FBI, Boston police, ICE, and other social agencies.
617-746-2102  carole.Lombard@csjboston.org

Dignity Network – Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Louis, MO – promotes a restorative approach to addressing commercial sex, including both human trafficking and prostitution, through support, education and advocacy.

       314-678-0317  ASandidge@csjsl.org

Work with ICCR and bought stock in Starwood Hotels and Delta Airlines to work with them regarding trafficking issue.

651-457-8499  kennyosf@aol.com