"A sister site of U. S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking-collaborating to combat human trafficking"


Southern CA Partners for Global Justice (SCPGJ)
-networks in efforts to educate, advocate, and take action on issues and situations that do not recognize the human rights and dignity of all.
KBryt@aol.com   310-838-0654

Cross Bay Collaborative
– includes law enforcement, service providers, and faith communities.
shfems@sbcglobal.net  510-512-0089

CA Central Coast Coalition to Stop Enslavement (CA –CCC –SE)
elimination of human trafficking along California’s central coast

Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)

Stop Slavery Northern California Coalition of Catholic Sisters Against Human Slavery
is part of the coalitions that make up our national network.  We focus on trafficking in the hotel industry, especially with Super bowl 50 headed our way in 2016. 

lynkirkc@gmail.com    209-401-1543

Churches Against Trafficking  in San Diego – 

crbhumantrafficking@gmail.com   831-277-8499